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Social media today is all about the images + videos that we post. What I don't see get enough attention is the copywriting that accompanies these mediums. That's what we get balls deep into today - copywriting. Want to learn even more and make your social media suck less? Enroll in Microgym University!

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How To Generate 181 Leads In 1 Day...Without Paid Ads

It's not clickbait.It's just different. Try it on. Let me know how it fits.

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How To Combat A Slow 4th QTR

Typically in the fitness industry, we see a slow down in the 4th QTR of the year. Travel is high. Credit card balances are even higher. Consumers are being hit by Black Friday, Cyber Monday and e...

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Kolin- The Problem With Offering a LBO

LBO = Low Barrier OfferAre you currently offering an LBO as an entry point to your higher priced group class? If it's not working for you, here's a few nuggets for you to consider.

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Will Skype- Conversation About Facebook

You call it facebook stalking....I call it marketing.

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6 Week Gimmicky Challenges

6 Week Challenges have become super popular recently. Are they bullshit or legit?

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365 Days of Content

Here's the permission you need to get started with your content...JUST FUCKING DO IT.I literally lay out an entire 10 min strategy on how to get started with a content creation strategy on this vid...

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But CrossFit Will Get Me Injured

Here's how I recommend gyms handle the approach of "But I heard CrossFit will get me hurt".

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Content Playbook

Need a playbook to start creating content? I got you.

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WTF Gym Talk | Growing Your Average Client Value
Growing Your Average Client Value

The business acumen of micro-gym owners has increased drastically in the past three years. Now when I talk with a fellow gym owner, they aren’t interested in how many members I have, but they want ...

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Fitbot + Individual Design

Time is finite. Learn to scale it appropriately. Personal training should be the 2nd highest revenue source after membership dues. However - we all know it's not very scalable with only 24 hours/da...

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Differentiate Yourself On Social Media

In order to differentiate yourself in the microgym market, you need to look at what everyone else is doing in unplanned uniformity...and then go against the grain.

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Book A Photo/Video Shoot & Tell Your Story Right

There is no excuse for not telling the right story on social media and your website. If you're not sure how to properly tell your story on digital platforms...This video is for you.

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