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This past weekend a first of it's kind event took place, put on by yours truly. The SELF MADE SUMMIT brought together founders of microgyms that all had roots in CrossFit, but went a completely different direction than 99% of you - and have reaped the reward of doing something different in their markets.

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Living Your Core Values

Here's a fun question I ask microgym owners..."What are the core values of your company?"(insert blank stare from owner)Does this describe you?

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Coty- Hacks for New Gym Owners

If you're still in the infancy stage with your business, you're probably wearnig most of the hats.Here's my recommendation for those of you who are currently in "need to delegate" mode...

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How to Grow the Business

So many of you are chasing vanity metrics and trying to grow the volume of individuals you service...when are you going to realize that's not a winning model?

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Iron+Mortar Summit Keynote (full version)

Here's the full version of the keynote talk I gave at the 2017 Iron + Mortar Summit on the State of The Union in the Microgym Scene, as I see it. 

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Iron + Mortar Recap

Recap of my speech at the first annual Iron + Mortar Summit held earlier this year. Had a blast speaking with all the affiliate owners and trying to bring my insight to the microgym agenda.

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Walk The Walk w/ CrossFit Northport - Day 1

I frequently have gym owners come on-site to Urban MVMNT for biz coaching. One of my offerings is a two day experience I've branded as Walk the Walk. Check out Day 1 as Adam Tar, owner of CrossFit ...

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What Ego Giveth, Ego Taketh Away

Went onsite to a gym located less than 5 miles from my shop. Most gym owners would have too much ego to ever ask from help from a "competitor". But Silver Wolf Fitness and Nutrition comes to the ta...

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Stop Selling CrossFit...Sell What It Does

When trying to sell your service...whether it be in person to a prospect or through storytelling on social media, please do me a favor...Stop selling CrossFit. Stop selling HIIT. Stop selling CVFMP...

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