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Stealing In The Fitness Industry

Stealing is a unique verb in the fitness industry.   Another studio "stealing" your ideas. Another trainer "stealing" your clients. Another competitor "stealing" your workouts.   Do me...

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Build Something Bigger Than You

Don't build the gym or studio YOU would love.   Go beyond that.   Building something that initially and prominently serves you first is going to prove to be a very expensive & unsucce...

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Living Your Core Values

Here's a fun question I ask microgym owners..."What are the core values of your company?"(insert blank stare from owner)Does this describe you?

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Coty- Hacks for New Gym Owners

If you're still in the infancy stage with your business, you're probably wearnig most of the hats.Here's my recommendation for those of you who are currently in "need to delegate" mode...

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Will Skype- You Have The Power To Make Change

Making changes within your business is  percent within your control.

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Watch This Before You Open a Gym

Typically my content is geared towards those who already own a gym. This is for anyone thinking about opening their own gym. I hope it helps.

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The Reason Behind the Dog Video

Some of you may remember my infamous "Don't Have Dogs In Your Gym" video.  Well here's a bit more context as I sit down with a fellow gym owner and we dig into that topic.

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How to Grow the Business

So many of you are chasing vanity metrics and trying to grow the volume of individuals you service...when are you going to realize that's not a winning model?

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Break Something

"If It's Not Broke, Don't Fix It" I wouldn't put too much stock into that statement. I know there are aspects of your business that are not necessarily broke, but they aren't performing optimally either. My challenge to you is to break something in your business. Find the thing that is not performing the way you want it to and break it.

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Tracking Your Expenses

How many of you use some type of book keeping service like Intuit QuickBooks to track P&L? Please do yourself a favor and make the $15/mo investment so you actually have an idea what's going on...

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Plan For Months with High Expenses

When it comes to expenses this saying reigns true... "When it rains, it pours."Here's how I recommend using PIFs and budgeting to plan for months with abnormally high expenses.

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Iron+Mortar Summit Keynote (full version)

Here's the full version of the keynote talk I gave at the 2017 Iron + Mortar Summit on the State of The Union in the Microgym Scene, as I see it. 

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Iron + Mortar Recap

Recap of my speech at the first annual Iron + Mortar Summit held earlier this year. Had a blast speaking with all the affiliate owners and trying to bring my insight to the microgym agenda.

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2018 Yearly Plan

Don't just piss in the dark in 2018. Create an Annual Plan. Here's how.

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Differentiate Or Die

Is CrossFit going anywhere?  Nope. But you might be if you can't create a obvious differentiation in your service vs. the guy down the street. 

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Making Gains At The Point Of Sale

Coty Bradburn, owner of Crossfit Mountain Island came on-site to talk jam on business. If you're looking to increase your revenue at the Point of Sale, how to culture hack the "competition" aspect ...

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Owning Multiple Locations

If you currently own multiple locations or have aspirations of opening more than one gym under your brand...then listen up as Nick Rybinski, owner of CrossFit Petram and CrossFit Petram MOTand I ja...

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Don't Paint A Dirty Car

“Don’t paint a dirty car. What it needs is a good wash.” I first heard this quote from a Greg Glassman video in 2013 as he discussed the business model in which CrossFit is founded. Though the orig...

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Know Your Role: Owner, Not Athlete.

We all decided to start our business for one reason or another; and those reasons vary amongst us. However, there’s a certain gym owner avatar that I’m running into more often that perplexes me in ...

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WTF Gym Talk | Nobody “Took” Your Members or Coaches…They Left You For Something/Someone Better.
Nobody “Took” Your Members or Coaches…They Left You For Something/Someone Better.

Far too often you’ll hear this story come out of a group of gym owners - “One of my coaches, who is a real dickhead, decided to quit 4 weeks ago. And today I found out that he’s opening up a gym do...

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