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Microgym University

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Perfect for anyone who didn't major in business or lacks experience in the fitness industry.
99% of microgyms don't go out of business because of a lack of hard work...
They go out of business for a lack of smart work.
I'm here to make sure that doesn't happen to you.

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Microgym University

Master Courses

Not interested in enrolling for MGU's entire course load? Here you can pick and choose which Master Courses you want.

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With enrollment in any course, you'll get...

access to every sub-course inside of your purchased Master Course(s) + all sub-courses that are added throughout the year
monthly CEO Collective Call - a 60 min live call on various business topics with interactive Q&A
private communication platform to submit any questions that may arise during your course education
discounted rate on all WTF sponsored seminars + workshops

We are going to take the sleazy out of fitness sales and empower you and your staff to create an effective sales workflow - for both new customers and current. 

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Here we are going to learn how to keep your microgym at the highest retention rate possible by creating workflow (systems) that create the best client experience and internal marketing strategies that make clients call your gym their 2nd home.

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Math.   It's hard.  Hard to do and even harder to know which math you should be looking at and analyzing.  I make it easier.  A lot easier. 

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HR + Staff Development

The microgym owners that are able to create professional careers that satisfy an individual's need for fulfillment + compensation will win this game. 

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Marketing + Social Media

Ah, the biggest topic in gym-ownership today -  "How do I get more members into my gym?!?" Instead of running some bullshit 6-week challenge or some other gimmicky ad, let's try something that actual works instead.

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Operational Flow (Systems)

I'm not a big fan of the word "systems".   Too many guys selling bullshit systems without knowing your actual business. So I prefer the term "operational flow" and choose to show you how to tailor any system into a flow that fits your current business both current and future versions.

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Brand Design + Strategy

The difference between branding and marketing is truly understood by those few companies that get it, harness it and deploy it to set their business apart from the rest. 

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Future Planning

Once you get your microgym to your desired level of success, then what?  What about some of the obstacles and headaches that are a direct consequence of continuing down the path of success for a business owner?  This course address all that and more.

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This course is 100% for you if you need the formal education of how to run a successful microgym - by someone who has walked that walk and has installed these exact same practices into thousands of other microgyms across the world. So basically, if you're looking to learn what you don't already know - this is the school for you.

They sure as fuck can - that's the whole point, right??? And guess what - it doesn't cost extra! Email after you've made your purchase and we'll make sure your team has access.

During your enrollment at MGU, you'll have access to our digital workplace platform to get your questions answered via video, audio and/or text.

Simple -the calls are more expensive and are designed for when you have the knowledge, but you need help in executing in your business. Since the calls are less frequent and subject to calendar availability, MGU provides a much faster solution for growing your microgym.

Absolutely. Email and we will get you set up with your first call!