WTF Services

Business Consulting

Have specific problems in your business and you don't want a template solution handed out to everyone?

Then let me custom tailor the solutions for your specific business based on your goals & aspirations.

Over the course of a 60 minute Zoom call, I will dig deeper into the answers you provided in your Intake Form and lay out a plan of action that you can start implementing immediately after the call.  

Afterwards, we can discuss working together moving forward if desired. 

WTF Services

On-Site Consulting

Do you need a fresh set of eyes on your operation to see what needs to be improved? For those who want a more immersive experience in growing their business, or would like a private business development seminar for their staff - you can book Stu to come to your gym. 

WTF Services

Speaking Engagment

Interested in hosting a seminar or speaking engagement and want Stu to come speak? 

Looking to book him as a guest for your podcast or want a full-scale interview? 

You can find a few of his keynote appearances here for reference:

2017 Iron+Mortar Summit 

2018 Iron+Mortar Summit

2020 Fittest of The Coast Seminar

Talking To Myself Series

Submit your request down below and we'll be in touch ASAP. 

WTF Services

Social Media Copywriting

Tired of writers block every time you try to come up with copy for your social media posts?

Can you literally talk about your business to anyone, anytime - but hit a mental block when it comes to writing? 

Let us do the copywriting for you.  

We'll set up a 60 minute call to learn about your business and walk you through our 3-step copywriting process.  

From there, we'll create 30 unique pieces of social media copy to resonate with your specific audience.